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Meet Add Inspiration at SLUSH 2018

Meet Add Inspiration F2P Mobile game developer startupĀ  @TRoininen @SasuLouke at #slush18 We are looking for preseed. We have gathered already 25% from the 200K Euro target with 2M pre money valuation! Now its #investors Your opportunity to Jump into this cool Adventure. TRACTION: The Startup Sauna Accelerator selected Add Inspiration as a "top performer" from the #100Finnishstartups -tour in 2017. 2nd place in GameCamps Riga 9/2017 Qualified for GameCamps Accelerator Program during 2018 Game Camps is co-financed by the EU INTERREG Central Baltic programme. Exellent reviews at Investor panel by Suomen Yrityskehitys Oy / Venture Development Finland Ltd fall 2017 Acquisition offer from a Bigger Player fall 2017, but our vision and strategy is bigger. We can grow first! Listed to Startup100 The hottest startups from Finland in July & October 2018 in the position #26! http://www.startup100.net Very promising KPI's from the Soft Launch with Fingersoft's Round Zero! Just ping us if you want to meet for #investment discussion!