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Rooster Booster - The Idle Chicken Clicker

Rooster Booster is a goofy Free To Play ‘idle clicker’ game targeting casual mobile gamers with goofy humor, hilarious characters and rewarding gameplay.

Super Beach Bouncher

Super Beach Bouncer is endless runner type jumping fun!

How high you can get?

Airport lines

Airport lines are made like puzzles! Solve your way to right desk!

Use that BIG BRAIN of yours to SOLVE! And most importantly GET THE to the right desk!

How bright is your mind?




Tap’n’Roll trough levels and avoid enemies! Collect coins and speed boosts, jump by tapping your screen.

Cute Space Bosses

How Cute can Spaceships be?

The player is controlling the glorious spaceship by touch controls and main task is to defeat all cute space bosses with automatic lock-on target blaster gun and complete different missions.

Goldfish in the sewer

What happens, when Goldfish is flushed?

The player is controlling the Goldfish and main task is to try to complete all levels as fast you can to unlock more levels and have better ranking at the leader board. Player uses pipe walls to make fish to go faster to specific direction and collect various “ fruit power ups” to reduce level time.

The Style makes difference

Top Talent to Rock On!