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GameDev Days 2018 Tallinn, Estonia – Meet Rooster Booster The Chicken Clicker Game at The Big Indie Mobile Pitch

Rooster Booster at The Big Indie Pitch Meet Add Inspiration and the Rooster Booster game team in GameDevDays 2018 Conference April 16 -17 in Tallinn, Estonia. Duuring the converence, Rooster Booster is attending The Big Indie Pitch by PGConnects. Last time we took apart at the big indie pitch, we ended up at the TOP 5 mobile games! Since then we have been working a lot on the product and the game has evolved a lot so let's see how it goes! See you there!

Qualified for the Game Camps Accelerator Program

Accelerate Towards Succes! Add Inspiration is taking part in the Game Camps Accelerator Program starting 1/2018. After winning the silver award in Game Camps Riga Add Inspiration was qualifed for the Game Camps Accelerator Program. The accelerator consists of coaching sessions with industry professionals while developing the company and the game products. The program has an emphasis on cross-border development and the team and games are developed in international teams.

Top 5 Mobile Pitch / The Very Big Indie Pitch

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki (September 19-20, 2017) Add Inspiration attended the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki event organized by pocketgamer.biz During the event we attended The Very Big Indie Pitch pitching competition where the most promising indie mobile game companies pitch to a jury of industry professionals. TOP 5 / Mobile pitch In PGConnects Helsinki there was actually 3 different Indie Pitch categories: Mobile, PC, and VR -games. Add inspiration attending the Mobile pitch. The idea in The Very Big Indie Pitch is to pitch the game to a jury of some 20 to 30 members of the jury, during 20 minutes. So there's 6 tables, each with 2-3 jurymembers, then all the teams (PGConnects Helsinki there was 27 teams on the mobile pitch) pitch the game for 4 minutes per table, then switching to the next table. So that's very fast and intense pitching! After the pitches, top 5 will be selected to finals (Add inspiration made it in to the top 5!!)  and at the end of the event theres an award ceremony and the top 3 will be announced. This was a very interesting experience and we met many interesting people in the event, met publishers, investors and other game developers. We were pitching Rooster Booster - the goofy clicker game Add Inspiration is developing for Android.

Top performer from the #100finnishstartups

Add Inspiration pitching We qualified for pitching Add Inspiration for the Startupsauna accelerator program during their #100FinnishStartups tour through Finland. Of course we could not resist the excellent opportunity.  During the sessions, we also got to 1 on 1 coaching sessions with the Startupsauna coaches. Sasu Louke pitching Add inspiration to Startupsauna 2017 Strong focus on brands As a startup on the game industry, Add inspiration is on a fast start! During the last 6 months we have started building the core team in the company, had valuable mentoring discussions with our Advisors and started to mint out our focus and identity as a game startup. Our vision is to become one of the top players in the industry, and the main focus is building interesting game brands with fun, relatable characters and rewarding gameplay. We want to surprise our players but that is not easily achieved. We believe that passionate people make the best game brands and the focus at this point is heavily on team building and game branding. We are building the core team, and a set of game brands. Currently focusing on the Rooster Booster game development, aiming to soft launch it early next year. (Q1/2018)   Add Inspiration team took the Startupsauna challenge after the pitching sessions! Sauna travelling on wheels through Finland! (Sasu Louke, Timo Korhonen and Tuomas Roininen) #100FinnishStartups After the Startupsauna tour through Finland, Add Inspiration was noticed by the Startupsauna accelerator program: "After deliberating with the team we have selected Add Inspiration as a top performer from the #100Finnishstartups. This means that you are eligible to be selected to Startup Saunas Fall 2017 program!" ‪ Now How Cool is this? - Super proud of the Amazing Team we have! Jyväskylä Game Industry Rocks! Next goal: We are aiming to get into the famous Startup Sauna Fall 2017 accelerator program! Read more at the blog post at the Startup Sauna blog: http://startupsauna.com/blog/a-land-rover-a-sauna-and-100-finnish-startups

Add Inspiration at Games First 2017 #GF17 event by Supercell

Rooster Booster - The Chicken Clicker Announced! Add Inspiration announced the lates mobile game  Rooster Booster - The Chicken Clicker and presented the games concept in the Games First 2017 - annual game industry event organized by Supercell.